Aluminum Fence 101

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People love aluminum fences because they require little maintenance, they're durable, and they're beautiful. However, many owners of aluminum fences confuse the term low maintenance with no maintenance. Since aluminum fences do require a bit of care to stay looking great, we're going to offer some helpful advice so one can keep their fence looking great for years to come.

Keep It Clean

Most aluminum fences come with a gloss finish that helps protect it from air, UV rays, and rust, it can still be harmed by such forces. For example: When aluminum begins to oxidize, it begins to develop a white powder on the finish. The biggest threat to this finish is algae, as it can grow on your aluminum fence and eat the protective finish. Once the algae eats away the finish, the aluminum fence is robbed of its power. Thankfully, one can remove algae from their aluminum fence by cleaning it with water and soap. If you're looking to kill every last bit of algae, feel free to add some bleach to the cleaning water.

Keep the Fence Clear

Make sure that trees and shrubs are far and away from the aluminum fence. If you happen to have trees or shrubs near your aluminum fence, it's important to trim them so that the fence can have room. Although an aluminum fence is tough and sturdy, a tree root can warp the metal so that the fence can no longer stand straight and sturdy.

If the Fence Has Started to Oxidize

If the aluminum fence has started to oxidize and algae has destroyed its finish, there's still a few things one can do to save it. First, it's important to wash the fence and remove the algae that has been eating the finish. Then, you'll begin to apply car wax to the aluminum fence. The car wax will act as protection and prevent additional oxidation on the fence. In addition to this, the car wax will help restore the shine and color of your aluminum fence.

If Destroyed Beyond Repair

Certain aluminum fences may just need a replacement. Since this is likely the case for aluminum fences that have grown ugly or old over the years, feel free to  contact Action Fence Contractors in Mundelein  or by calling 1 (847) 949-6690 today.  We can give you an estimate and set you up with the aluminum fence that you and your property deserve.

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For many homeowners, a fence is a must-have for a variety of reasons: security, property enhancement, and providing kids and pets with a safe, private place to play are all important factors. Of course, before you seek out expert  fence installation  from a respected company like Action Fence, you need to familiarize yourself with your city’s residential fencing codes.

Let’s use Mundelein, IL, Action Fence’s headquarters, as an example. Mundelein is of course in Lake County, and surrounded by cities like Libertyville, IL, Wauconda, IL, and Grayslake, IL. Many cities in Lake County share similar residential fencing codes. Here’s a summary of Mundelein’s:

A $25 building permit fee is required when erecting a new fence or replacing an existing fence. Also, the village of Mundelein requires two copies of the Plat of Survey, which outlines the fence’s location, height, materials, and design (specifically, openness). For a list of allowable materials, contact Action Fence or the village.

A fence can be positioned up against your property line, but not over it. Residential fences must be six feet or shorter. The measurement is from the adjacent finished grade to the fence’s tallest point.

If you’re thinking about a solid fence, these are only permitted in backyards. Fences built in front yards and side yards must integrate some level of pass-through visibility, i.e. a split-rail fence. Speaking of split-rail fences, if you’d like to construct one for decorative/ornamental purposes, a three-foot split-rail fence is permissible in front and side yards.

This one’s a no-brainer: make sure that the finished side of your fence faces your neighbor’s house.

If located outside, your water register must be outside of your fence. If you forget to account for this, you may have an unhappy meter-reader on your hands. And on the subject of water, if you live near a drainage easement or floodway your fence project may be subject to special restrictions. Our fence experts can consult with you on this topic.

If your home is on a corner lot, keep the following regulation in mind: for the purposes of fully enclosing your backyard, you’re allowed to build a 4-foot open fence extending from the rear of your home to within 1 foot inside the property line of the side yard located next to the street.

Special design requirements apply to fences that serve as safety barriers around a swimming pool. The village encourages you to contact their Building Department for the details.

Further to this last point, Action Fence has considerable experience designing and erecting swimming pool enclosures, as well as tennis court enclosures and other types of privacy fencing and custom fencing. We’re very familiar with the building codes in Mundelein, IL and surrounding suburbs, and we’ll ensure that everything we do complies with local regulations.

For more information on the residential fencing codes in Mundelein, IL , Libertyville, IL, or another city in Lake County, IL, contact one of our staff members today. Any job we enter into involves thorough preparation and communication with the customer and the village to ensure a successful project.
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At Action Fence, a leading  fence company serving Mundelein, IL  , we know that choosing the right gate isn’t as easy as it sounds. There’s research to be done, as well as an assessment on your end regarding the gate’s purpose. Would you like a gate that enhances your home’s aesthetic appeal? A gate that optimizes your home’s security? A bit of both?

To get you started, here’s a helpful guide we’ll call “Gates 101”, which our professional team offers as a primer to supplement your search for the perfect gate.

Get a Survey

Before assessing the many different gate materials, colors, and designs, we recommend commissioning a land survey. The measurements taken during the survey will confirm exactly how much space you have/need for your gate. While the survey is being conducted, you can talk with our experts and get their thoughts based on your property and needs, as well as assess the general lay of the land.

Determine the Purpose

Once you have accurate measurements for your gate project, it’s time to consider what purpose your gate will serve. As alluded to in the intro paragraph, is it for aesthetics, security, or both? Regardless of its intent, we believe a gate is essential for peace of mind (from a security perspective) and pride of home ownership (from an aesthetics point of view). How you value each side of this coin will determine the materials and design of your gate, as well as its operation: automatic vs. manual.

No shortage of options

Let’s review the most popular gate styles so that you have a solid understanding of your choices:

  • Swing gate: likely the oldest, and certainly the simplest gate type. All a swing gate requires is a hinge. Most swing gates are wooden, manually-operated, and for residential aesthetic purposes (i.e. a garden gate).
  • Sliding gate: If space is an issue, a sliding gate is preferable because it requires no “swing room”. Many sliding gates are metal, automatic, and employed in commercial spaces where efficient opening and closing helps alleviate congestion.
  • Wood gate: wood gates, just like the next entry on this list (metal gates), are highly customizable. Depending on the type of wood, these gates can be used for security, aesthetics, or a combination. Wood gates can be less expensive than metal gates (again depending on the type of wood) and they can be automated, though you’ll want to consult our installers for ideas on durable wood options that can handle the stress that comes with automation.
  • Metal gates: certainly the most durable gate type, and can easily be designed to maximize both security and aesthetics. Metal gates are weather-resistant, low maintenance, and when properly cared for can last a lifetime. Also, different gate treatments exist that can enhance durability and color.

For professionally designed, competitively priced fences and gates near Mundelein, IL , choose Active Fence. Our expert team will help you determine what type of gate is best for your needs, and accompany you through the entire process, from survey to installation.  

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There are few things more damaging for a wooden fence than the effects of a harsh winter. Snow, sleet, rain, and falling branches can do a number on a fence in a variety of different ways.

While there’s nothing that you can do to prevent winter, there are some things that you can do to help protect your fence against the effects of winter. Don’t let your wooden fence meet an early demise. Make sure to do these things so that it can withstand the wear and tear of winter, and live as long as structurally possible.

Use a Protective Wood Stainer

Whether you’re preparing it for winter or not, it’s recommended that you regularly prime your wooden fence with a protective wood stainer. A wood stainer will help your fence to thrive through the ill effects of rain, sleet, snow, and other forms of moisture.

At the very least, you should be applying a protective wood stain to your fence every three years. However, ideally, you will apply a wood stain just before every winter. While it won’t completely protect your fence from the bitter cold and snow, it will help it to survive much longer than it otherwise would.

Cut Branches in its Proximity

When winter rolls around and the cold weather comes raging, trees become prone to freezing. When trees freeze, their branches break off and fall to the surface of the earth. If a wooden fence is struck by one of these falling branches, it can suffer some irreparable damage.

To protect your fence from falling branches, it’s ideal to ensure that no branches are capable of falling in its proximity. In essence, you need to be proactive by cutting any branches that have the potential to break and fall on top of your fence.

Trim Grass Around the Fence

One of the quickest ways to ruin a wooden fence is by letting it become saturated with water. To make your fence lasts as long as possible, you must keep it away from water as much as possible.

When snow falls, it eventually melts. When it melts, it seeps into the ground and is retained by grass. Grass is essentially a container for standing water. So, to keep standing water away from your fence in the winter, it’s wise to cut the grass around the fence as short as possible. Doing so will reduce the amount of water that’s allowed to saturate the fence, providing the fence with a longer lifespan.

Ensure its Stability Before Winter Sets In

When it comes to wooden fences, winter provides no positives. The only things that can happen to your wooden fence during the wintertime are bad things. Something that almost always happens during the winter time is that the ground shifts, causing your fence to shift with it.

Because your fence will almost inevitably shift, it’s important to make sure that it’s nice and stable before winter hits. If it’s already unstable before being subjected to the harsh elements of winter, its instability will be compounded. By ensuring that it’s already stable, you will be able to reduce the ill effects of winter.

Call in a Professional

While there are certainly a number of things you can do yourself to help protect your wooden fence from snow, cold weather, and falling branches, it would still be wise to call in a professional. A professional fencing service can ensure that the fence stands as great of a chance as possible of maintaining itself through a harsh winter.

A professional contractor will take all precautions to ensure that your wooden fence is durable, functional, and stable.

If you’re looking to bring in a professional Chicago area fencing contractor to winter-proof your wooden fence, we here at Action Fence are who you need to call. Our team of professional, knowledgeable, and experienced fencers know exactly what must be done to get your wooden fence through a brutal winter.

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Installing a fence around your yard offers a number of different benefits. Not only will it provide your property with more privacy, but it will also keep your pets from running away, and increase your property value as well.

Perhaps you’re looking to install a fence around your Chicago yard? If so, you’re making a great choice. But perhaps, at the same time, you don’t know what type of fence you should install? There are many different types of fences, all of which carry their own benefits and drawbacks. Let’s discuss them so that you can decide which type of fence is best for your particular purposes.

Aluminum Fence


●     Versatile - One of the huge benefits of using aluminum fencing is that it’s versatile. Whether you’re dealing with flat or hilly land, aluminum fencing can be installed in a manner in which it looks professional and attractive.

●     Durable - Aluminum is an incredibly durable material. Not only is it strong structurally, but resistant to corrosion as well. By using aluminum fencing, you won’t have to worry about rain, sleet, and snow prematurely rusting your fence.

●     Relatively Inexpensive - While it’s not as cheap as wood, aluminum fencing is less expensive than both steel and iron. And, unlike wood, it doesn’t cost any additional money to maintain.


●     No Privacy - Because aluminum fences are made out of narrow aluminum bars, they provide close to no privacy.

●     Not the Strongest Fencing - While they do a reasonably good job of withstanding the elements, aluminum fences are not as strong as steel and wrought iron fences.

Wood Fence


●     Cheapest Option - Out of all the materials that can be used to make a fence, wood is the absolute cheapest.

●     Can be Painted - Unlike with metals and composites, wood can be painted any color you wish for it to be painted. This allows you a seemingly endless amount of designs and styles.

●     Capable of Making Many Types of Fences - Whether you need a fence to keep your pets in, a privacy fence, or just an aesthetically-pleasing fence to give your property more appeal, wood will accommodate you.


●     Lack Durability - Compared to other fence materials, wood is easily the least durable.

●     Require Tons of Maintenance - From staining it, to protecting it from moisture, a wooden fence requires tons of maintenance.  

Wrought Iron Fence


●     Extreme Durability - When compared with other fence materials, wrought iron is easily the most durable. In fact, it can last for hundreds of years.

●     Provide Excellent Security - Because of its premium strength, wrought iron is the best material to use for security fences. It’s nearly impossible to bend or break.

●     Regal Aesthetic - Wrought iron is characterized by a regal aesthetic which brings a touch of class and power to your property. 


●     Difficult to Install - Because of its extreme heaviness and stiffness, wrought iron is very difficult to install.

●     Very Expensive - In most cases, wrought iron is the most expensive material to use for fencing purposes.

Chain Link Fence


●     Inexpensive - While it’s not as cheap as wood, chain link is relatively inexpensive. It provides the most value for its price.

●     Durable - Though it’s not as durable as steel and wrought iron, chain link is still designed to hold up over decades of use.

●     Easy to Install - Due to its ability to be shaped, chain link fencing is very easy to install. Whether you’re building on flat ground or on a hill, it will accommodate you. 


●     Unattractive - To put it simply, chain link looks boring. Often used at construction sites and jail yards, it will add little to your property in terms of aesthetics.

●     No Privacy - If you’re using chain link for a privacy fence, you might as well no install a fence in the first place. The material is decent for keeping in pets, but useless for privacy purposes.  

Composite Fence


●     Durable - While it’s not as durable as chain link, steel, and wrought iron, composite will still hold up reasonably well through the years.

●     Works for All Purposes - Whether you’re using it to keep your pets in, to keep intruders out, or for privacy, composite fencing will have you covered.

●     Easy to Install- Because it snaps together in sections, composite fencing is typically very easy to install. 


●     Lacks Strength - Though it’s durable, it’s not all that strong. Repetitive heavy-duty collisions with composite fencing will result in its demise.

●     Expensive Upfront Costs - Composite fencing is typically fairly expensive upfront. However, because it doesn’t require much maintenance, it will pay for itself over time.

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Choosing the right fence to protect your commercial property is no small task. With so many good (and some bad) options available on the market today, knowing where to start is half the battle. Luckily, with the help and guidance of our professional team at Action Fence, we can help you find the perfect security fence to meet your unique business needs and fit your budget. From choosing the right materials to adding extra layers of security to complete the final product —we’ve got you covered.

How To Tips: Choosing the Right Security Fence for Your Commercial Project

When choosing the right fence for your business, you need to consider the safety of your property and employees. But you also need to think about the functionality, cost and aesthetic appeal of your fencing. Consider these simple tips before investing in a security fence for your commercial property:

Security Needs

For any businesses that are located in an industrial park or other areas where higher levels of security are necessary, fence material is very important. For maximum security, choose a fence that is made from aluminum, vinyl or chain link. For even more protection, consider add-ons like taller panels or electricity to ward off intruders.


Security fencing is a big investment, so working with durable materials is also important. Low-quality fencing can be easily vandalized, leading to costly repairs later on. Commercial aluminum fences in Mundelein are a safe, durable and affordable option for most local business owners.

Aesthetic Appeal

While you want your fence should be the first line of defense against intruders, make sure that a new fence won't lower your curb appeal. Be sure to work with materials that complement the building, grounds and other surroundings. Lastly, keep in mind that the use of spikes or points can work as a functional and aesthetic addition to your outer perimeter.

Does Your Commercial Property Need a Security Fence?

The decision to protect your commercial property with a durable and impenetrable security fence is one that you won’t regret. With an extra level of security protecting your property, you can ensure that your employees and your assets are safe and give yourself peace of mind.

If you’re looking for a security fence that will protect your property from intruders, look great and last for many years to come —choose from the highest quality security fencing at Action Fence. Our aluminum security fences in Mundelein can be tailored to fit your specific needs and your budget. Call (847) 949-6690 to learn more about our commercial and industrial fencing options or visit our friendly and knowledgeable team online today to request a free estimate!

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Many home and business owners understand that installing a fence around their property is a great way to bump up their security. Once their fence is installed, they leave it at that because any fence is better than no fence at all. But in reality, all fences are not created equal. When it comes to protecting your property, your employees or your loved ones —some fences are much better than others. At Action Fence, we want to make sure that each one of our customers has the right security fence to fit their needs and budget.

3 Things to Consider When Installing a Security Fence in Mundelein

1. Fence Material

When considering a security fence for your home or business, think see-through. Solid fencing can provide an easy hiding place for burglars and vandals and should generally be avoided. While solid fencing is great for privacy, the added risk isn’t worth it. The exception may be a pool area where you want both privacy and security. However, consideration should be given to your specific area when making the decision.

2. Create an Obstacle

A good security fence should be difficult to climb over and include a few key characteristics, including:

  • Height – Your security fence should be at least 8ft tall. Many homeowners’ associations have restrictions on fence heights, so be sure to check with them before installation.
  • Horizontal Rails – If possible, limit the number of horizontal rails on your fence or bypass them completely because they can easily give intruders a helpful leg up and over.
  • Spike or Points – Spikes, points and razor wire are all great for keeping climbers away.

3. Secure the Area

Smaller fences can work to provide an extra layer of security for your home or business as well. Focus on a fence that can fully enclose your yard or property and cannot be easily cut through with special tools. Additionally, a secure and heavy-duty gate will also help to boost your level of security.

A Good Security Fence is Your First Line of Defense

A strong, durable and fully-enclosed fence is your best defense when it comes to keeping your home, business and other property protected from outside threats. Don't get caught without the right level of protection when you need it the most. Keep these important factors in mind before installing a new security fence on your property:

  • Consider a fence that has open spacing so that it doesn’t provide a hiding space for burglars.
  • While tall fences are ideal, a smaller fence with a secure gate can also protect your property.
  • Spikes or points are a great way to keep fence climbers away.

Interested in learning more about our residential and commercial security fence options in Mundelein? 

Call (847) 949-6690 or visit the team at Action Fence online today for more information.

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Ornamental fencing adds to home value and improves security and safety of your home, family, pets and belongings. Yet, many believe wrought iron fences in Mundelein require intensive upkeep and repair. However, you can extend the life expectancy of your wrought iron fences Mundelein homeowners love by following a few simple tips.
By 7016426470 17 Jul, 2017

People love aluminum fences because they require little maintenance, they're durable, and they're beautiful. However, many owners of aluminum fences confuse the term low maintenance with no maintenance. Since aluminum fences do require a bit of care to stay looking great, we're going to offer some helpful advice so one can keep their fence looking great for years to come.

By 7016426470 02 Jun, 2017

Thinking about having a wood fence installed on your property? If so, then our team at Action Fence has you covered. With a variety of styles and designs from which to choose, wood fences in and around Mundelein are a specialty of ours. As with any type of fence, however, there are some basic care and maintenance tips you'll want to follow in order to keep your new wood fence durable and looking great for years to come.

Should You Paint or Stain a Wood Fence?

When a wood fence is installed, the lumber used to build it has not yet been treated. This is because it's generally best to allow fresh lumber to "rest" before treating it with stain or paint. Once your fence installation project is completed, you'll want to wait at least a few weeks before applying a finish. One of the most common questions property owners have is whether they should use a solid paint or transparent stain on their new wood fence.

The answer is really a matter of personal preference, but each option has its potential pros and cons. Painting your fence, for instance, will provide you with a longer lasting finish. On the other hand, stain allows your fence to maintain that beautiful, natural look.

How Often Should You Refinish a Wood Fence?

Regardless of whether you paint or stain your fence, regular refinishing will be required to keep your wood fence protected from the elements and looking its best. Depending on the type of paint you use, you can typically get around five years' worth of wear out of a solid fence paint. Most transparent or semi-transparent stains, on the other hand, will last closer to three years, so you will need to refinish more often.

Additional Care and Maintenance Tips

In addition to finishing your new wood fence, there are some other care and maintenance tips worth keeping in mind as well. For instance, exercise care and caution when weed whipping around your wood fence so as not to cause any nicks or accidental damage. Also, if your fence accumulates dirt, debris, or even algae over time, don't hesitate to power wash. This is a great way to clean your fence and can also be used to prepare a wood fence for refinishing.

Now that you have a better idea of how to care for wood fences Mundelein, all that's left to do is find the right company to install yours! Contact Action Fence  at (847) 949-6690 today to set up an appointment for your free fencing estimate!

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With the warm weather quickly approaching, there is going to be more time spent outside. Whether you are doing a construction project, enjoying your backyard with family and friends or playing outside with your dog, having proper fencing is the best way to enjoy that time while avoiding accidents or intruders. When done right, great fencing is about privacy, safety and security. As a homeowner, you probably put a premium on all three of those benefits.

            Summer time gardening and landscaping are some of the joys of the warm weather months. With proper fencing and planning, you can protect your plants. Security fences can protect your garden from larger animals, while supplemental wire fencing can protect them from rabbits and other smaller animals. A well thought out approach can save you from heart ache and frustration. If you spend a lot time in the garden and enjoy the benefits of fresh vegetables, then make sure you think about this important aspect of your approach.

            Do you enjoy outdoor sports? We can help you with that, too! We make custom built tennis court fences for any sized court. Many municipalities have used our services for fencing around baseball, soccer, basketball and skate parks. They know they can count on high quality work and guaranteed satisfaction when they partner with us.

            Swimming pools are also a key part of summer. There is nothing better than taking a cool dip in the pool on a hot summer day. But, as everyone knows, pools can also be very dangerous. You want to keep your kids and their friends safe with a beautiful protection fence. Four-sided fencing around swimming pools reduces the risk of drowning by 80%, according to the CDC. Many of our clients have expressed safety concerns when consulting us for fencing around their pools. This is clearly an investment that comes with the added benefit of peace-of-mind.

            According to the FBI, burglaries increase by 10% in the months of June, July and August. Keep your home safe with a protective fence. Whether you are away on vacation or enjoying the warm months at home, you are going to want to keep your house and your family safe. Action Fence can help you do that!

            Not only do fences provide all of these amazing benefits, but they also add to the overall appearance of your home. A professional fence contractor can build a fence that establishes boundary lines and enhances the beauty of a neighborhood. Installing a good, quality fence with a trusted fence company is an investment that will improve the value of your property and lifestyle!

            Since 1975, Chicagoland home and business owners have trusted us with the their residential, commercial and industrial fencing needs. As a professional fence company, we strive for complete client satisfaction throughout the entire process of building a fence. That is why we provide free consultations to ensure the plan we execute matches exactly what you have in mind. Call us today to schedule a meeting with one of our professionals.
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